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[Solved] Help! Send Email not working

I can’t get the Send Email workflow to actually send me an email.

I have tried just directly using a known email address to send to, and nothing happens. One thing to note is that I have setup my domain name in settings, and somehow I am thinking that is affecting where it is trying to send an email from.

Appreciate the assist.

Have you used the workflow debugger to make sure the email is correct?

I have. I have even tried just directly putting in an email that works in there, and nothing happens.

Did you try using your own domain and SendGrid? Can you open your app and share a link to the editor?

I am using own domain, but have not setup and not using sendgrid

Looks like Send grid is the key…Just saw your post on needing send grid and the api to send out emails…sorry. I will try that, Thanks.

However if you haven’t sent anything emails should still go from Can you share a link before you try Sengrid (want to make sure we don’t have a bug there).


It’s strange, it says connected. Did you ever try to connect with Sendgrid?

I might have accidentally hit the connect button at one point…but never did put in an api

Thanks we’ll push something more robust there.

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