[Solved] List of numbers in database not working for me

Hi, whenever my user adds money, I would like the amount they add to be added to a list of numbers in their wallet, so there is a record of every amount they add.

At the moment, if they add a figure that is the same as a previous figure, that number is not added. For example, if they add £100, and then add £120, then add £100, the database just shows 120 once and 100 once.

Firstly, why can I not add a list of numbers, some of which may be duplicate numbers?

Secondly, is there a better way of showing these transactions? Should I have a transaction data type, with a wallet field that corresponds to the user’s wallet? Or are there even better ways?


Lists in Bubble can’t (generally) contain duplicates - as you’ve discovered.

In any case, even if they could this is not a very good way to do this.

Instead, if you need to keep a record of these transactions, just create a new datatype for them - that way you can store whatever information you need.