Duplicates in Lists

So, it used to be that Bubble didn’t allow duplicates in lists.

Did I miss the announcement that this is now not the case? Because I can.

Whoa… if there was an announcement, I missed it, too. That can’t possibly be a thing after all these years, can it?

For what it’s worth, I just did a quick test, and I don’t seem to have the ability to add duplicate items to a list.

I can definately do it in the data editor. Has that always been possible?

I had never tried it before via the editor, and yup, it can be done. I don’t know if it was always like that.

Ohh, yeah that’s an odd one. Knew it was possible for things like lists of text, numbers, dates…Are these duplicate data type objects in a list? If so then yeah that’s surprising its now possible :confused:

OOOooooooo - I think database triggers can make duplicates as well.

Need to do some more testing on this. It is a bit nichey - if you have a list of things that are unique, but have a non-unique fields, and then use a database trigger to create a list of those fields I am getting occasional duplicates :worried: