SOLVED: Make changes to a thing - how to make the fields not required

I have a button that allows users to update their name, address, phone, etc. all at once. It seems the default is to require all of those fields to be filled in or it won’t work. How do I allow it to accept empty values, effectively allowing users to update only the fields they want to update? Thanks!

I see that I could make a separate button for each field, but that’s no fun :frowning:

How do you have this set up? There are a number of different ways to do this, but without knowing what the current implementation is, it’s tough to tell. Can you share a link to your editor?

Thanks @potentialthings. I just figured it out using auto-binding. Perhaps my developers didn’t know about this option, but it’s SO much better than the other way.

Another way to do it is to hide the fields you don’t want the user to fill out. So you can leave everything as required but bubble will ignore the hidden fields.

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