Help with pre-existing data being deleted on modify things update

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I’m brand new to bubble and I feel like my issue should be a simple one to fix but I think I’m missing a step, or a check box along the way due to my inexperience.

I have set up a page to allow the user to modify data on the fly.

A search field pulls up the data entry they need and then I have a number of input fields that auto populate with the data from the searched object.

The issue I’m having is if the user only wants to change one or two of the fields and does not put any text into the other fields the “make changes to a thing” workflow deletes the previous information stored in the fields. How do i get around this ?



I would say you could either make those fields required; you could do this by putting a condition on the ‘Modify’ button that it can’t be clicked unless all fields are populated. If you are ok with certain fields not being modified, what you could do instead is do each ‘Make changes to a thing’ separately in that workflow, and tie it do an ‘Only when’ (field is not empty).

I may have to make each field a seperate work flow.

This is the main point of the app as it will be used constantly over and over to control a dashboard of information in real time and typing in already typed information just to make the field populated is pretty much the issue we are trying to solve, not create lol.

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Could you instead have those fields actually call up the existing value in the database, and either set them to autobind (so you wouldn’t even need a Modify button in theory), or at the very least any existing values ‘overwriting’ itself would allow the data to technically remain unchanged (at the cost of some unnecessary WU spent).

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I think we figured it out. So I already had the input fields autopopulate from the data already saved in the data fields when you input a search. By switching them to auto-bind, and removing the update/modify workflow button seems to of fixed the issue.

So now the flow is -

  1. search for db-entry
  2. auto fills the input fields
  3. make changes to the field you want
  4. updates just the fields modified with auto-bind
  5. leaves the fields untouched as filled
  6. Modify button now clears the input data and ready for the next modification.
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