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[SOLVED] MTD count of things created/redeemed in Current Month


I need some assistance on the Date criteria to use for the following…

I would like to count the number of things with a date (Created Date) within a calendar month (eg; current month)

Are you looking to display them, like in a repeating group, based on the month?

What I’ve done in the past is create a dropdown with each month as an option. Then, I use a constraint of:

Creation Date formatted as -> Custom -> mmmm / is Dropdown x' value

By using custom date formatting as mmmm, you’ll format the thing’s date to a text that displays its month.

If you want the count, you can use this same method of sorting, and use the :count function, of course.

By default, if you extract a date’s month, it will display as a number.

hey @natedogg

I’m just trying to show the MTD count of coupons redeemed so far in the current month in a Text element, so I am searching for the Thing and trying to apply the constraint on Redeemed_Date (Type: Date, populated when coupon is redeemed) but can not figure out the constraint to only pull those within current month?


Just closing the loop here…seems to be working so I think I’ve worked it out…I’ve simply reset the date/time/minutes to the start of the month and therefore will pick and count all things created post that. This gives me a running MTD total which is what I wanted.


I can’t list in a RG items created in a specific month … can you help?

It’s ugly, but it seems to work

:slight_smile: I was going to suggest changing the months as you’ve done…if it works, thats awesome!

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