Count in current month only - accumalitive

I am trying to solve an issue where I need to be able to count a number of occurrences as they occur in the current month.

For example: we are in August so I want to create query or expression where I count the number of records that are created in the current month, without having to specify that we are in August.

If date is in current month then count the records.

Any ideas, suggestions?


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A sample app would be useful but my guess is do a search for the data type after “Created Date” and before “Created Date” and then end it with :count. That should count the number of records created within that range.

Thanks @grottofilms. I understand how to get the data created in a particular month, but what I am after is how to only count the “Created Date” if those dates fall in the current month.

You would need first need to identify the month beginning and dates and then if the created date falls in between those dates then count the record.

1.Identify the current month - the beginning and end of the current month.
2. If the current creation date falls in between the date range, count the record.


  1. Identify the current month and identify the beginning of the month day 1
  2. If the current creation date is greater than and equal to the beginning of the current month then count

When September arrives it would then identify the beginning and end of the 9 month and only count records created within this period.

Counting records is not a problem it finding the month and only counting the records in the current month.

A sample app is not possible as its a large enterprise app currently being used.


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Make up a simple test app under your account and it will be easier. Doing the search should only give you those records, then you count them. Maybe I don’t understand your case; you can identify current month pretty easily and change beginning and end dates in the search. For current month it’s just a >= to.

ha… I was overthinking this big time and the following worked:

Created Date >= Current date/time: rounded down to month

includes only records for the current month.

Thanks for your assistance.


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