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[Solved] Pathfix Twitter OAuth, Get Image

H Bubblers,

Im hoping someone has some experience with Pathfix Twitter OAuth (Im using the No-code plugin)?

Im getting twitter posts from the Twitter-Home Timeline in a RG.
Inside of the cell Id like to get the image that was also posted.

Ive tried many variations such as:

As well as Current cell's Home Timeline (Twitter)'s entities media:first item's media_url and so many others.

Would anyone know the correct syntax to get the post image?

Thank You,

Hello @luminrabbit

Check the debugger and ensure that the url is or it not being passed.

If it is … consider using imgix to try to display it or play around with the size of the image or group element displaying it

Hi @cmarchan
Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direct :+1:

Just using the Inspect button and clicking on the RG gives me all kinds of information and the paths to most of what I’m looking, instead of mindlessly guessing :stuck_out_tongue: I seriously appreciate it!

I believe I have the correct path now Current cell's Home Timeline (Titter)'s entities media:each item's media_url_httpsand definitely have the the correct link

I believe its the browser on windows Edge browser, I just tried this in Chrome and presto it works.

Thanks @cmarchan you definitely got me a lot further in figuring out a lot of different things especially when trying to find the correct path, thank you for that!

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