SOLVED Paying user, and cannot "Preview" my app because my domain "isn't found."

I have a personal plan, but I cannot preview my app and see any changes as my domain name “isn’t found”. However in the domain email setting, it says my domain is setup and ready to go. I even deleted the domain name, and when i preview the app, pops up with a list of reasons why my domain name wasn’t found again.

I even cancelled by plan hoping this paid feature would stop functioning, however the same page comes up when I attempting to preview my app!

Please help! This delay is killing me!

Within Bubble, when you access the Settings Panel > Domain / Email tab, what do you see?

If your domain is configured properly, you should see a message that says “You’re all set [yourdomain] is working and ready to go.” Otherwise, you will see some prompts for records you need to input into a settings panel within your domain registrar’s system.

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Have you deployed your app? If you’re going to the domain and haven’t deployed yet, then you’ll get an error.

Do you have SSL turned on in the domain settings? If you have https:// on and you visit your domain on http://, it might give you an error or the other way around.


If your app settings say your domain is setup correctly, try clearing your browser cache and retry.


@neeja thank you so much!

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