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[SOLVED] Problem with chart.js

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the chart.js:

  • I want to display how often a user trained a language every day
  • I have created a special thing (daily trainings) which has a number-field which is updated every time the user trains. Furthermore I have a text field into which I save the current date/time:formatted:Fri, 3 June, 2016
  • Now every user have a list of these things and a dashboard on which I want to show how often he trained displaying the text as label and the number as value
  • Nonetheless though there are two such things in the list for the user which both have a number and this date-text-field, the graph is empty

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Thanks a lot for your help!


OK, I forgot to add it to the user, problem solved.

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hey @martinmit

having a similar issue so was hoping you could share a screenshot of how you achieved this?