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[solved]Refresh page when element is visible

Hi, is it possible to make the page reload when an element becomes visible?

Here’s an example:

I’m not sure how you could do the pull action, but you can create a “Do When Condition is True” event in the workflow which refreshes the page when an element becomes visible:

hey, thanks for the reply. Do you know if it is possible to scroll to an element when another element is focused? So if I focus on a shape the page is going to scroll to another element

Not sure what you mean by focus on a shape, but you can scroll to an element when another element is clicked (scroll to action). Is that what you mean?

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No prob :slight_smile: What do you mean by a shape being focused? If you had an input that’s focused, and the Refresh Button has a conditional statement which is “When Input A is focused” --> This element is visible. You could create an event which is “Do When Condition is True (every time): Refresh Button is visible (which is when Input A is focused)” --> Scroll to: [Element].

Yeah or create a custom state for the element and scroll based off that state’s value.

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I’m not finding the “When Input A is focused”. Do I have to create a custom state?

What are you trying to achieve in your app? An element becomes visible and then the page scrolls to a different element?

I’m trying to make the white space at bottom of the page scroll to the text “view all” when focused. This way the white space won’t be visible unless the user scrolls down.

So I want the effect to be similar to this but without refreshing the page ->

Ah, got it. :slight_smile: So you want the pull effect, but it would be when a User scrolls downwards not upwards; once the white space is reached, the page scrolls to the ‘View All’ text? Since that white space isn’t an input - it doesn’t have the option to be focused - but you can find what scrolling position in pixels the start of the white space is (I used 600 in this example), and then create an event like this in the workflow:

thank you! Sorry if I couldn’t explain very well, my english is not the best:slight_smile:

Aw no, no worries at all! :slight_smile: Did this solution work in your app? I’m trying to recreate it in the forum and for some reason it is not scrolling to the text when the page scrolling position is reached.

*Edit: I found my mistake; 600 was too large of a number for my page scroll. Here’s the forum page:


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