[Solved] 🐰 Setting up Bunny CDN's Pull Zone to speed up / optimize image delivery

I’d love to speed up file delivery using Bunny’s CDN and optimizer. However, it’s unclear what my Bubble App’s asset origin URL would be.

All files seem to point to https://s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/
However, this seems to be the base url of all files in all my apps, not just the app in question.

Here’s Bunny’s Pull Zone setup:

Has anyone configured a CDN for a Bubble app before?

Thanks for the help guys!

@alejandrowunderlich Did you get to the bottom of this? Would love to know how to set this up… everything looks to be routed through Cloud Front already, would that cause an issue?

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Bubble Support confirmed that setting up a Bunny Pull Zone directly from Bubble’s storage was not possible since all Bubble apps share storage architecture in AWS.

However, what I did was set up a Storage Zone inside Bunny and used that as the Pull Zone for Bunny. There’s an added step here in that I have to upload all my images and files to Bunny’s storage, but then I serve them using Bunny’s CDN.

(metta is my Bubble app)

Then there’s a few things you’ll need to do to fully get the benefits of Bunny, like utilize the API to pull un entire folders of images and the Bunny Optimizer that allows you to do all kinds image editing and optimization on the fly.

So far, I’m loving it, though I have not yet figured out how to upload files via Bunny’s API. Apparently you need to send the file as non-encoded binary, which I’m yet to figure out how to do. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I suspected as much. Your workaround sounds good though, at least you can target important assets.

I’m currently building out a plugin for their Streaming API. Their video service looks to be one of the best price-to-performance offerings out there.

I’ll have a look out for this on my adventures.


It really is. And it’s fast as hell. We’re hosting about 500BGs worth of video, streaming about 20gbs daily right now and it’s super cheap still. I love that you get both various resolutions from the encoding process and an awesome animated webp preview of the video, which I show when a user hovers over the video.

Your plugin would solve a lot of pains that I had to go through.

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