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[solved] Show RG data alphabetically? Sort didn't work

I have a database of products that I’m trying to show in alphabetical order. I tried to sort the data by product name, but it hasn’t work, so I’m looking to figure out how else to do it.

Here’s the database.

I have the data showing in a RG. Here’s that code.

I tried to sort by product name, but here’s still how it shows up.

Any idea how I can have this display sorted by the letter of the product name?

Actually. Just realized it was indeed sorting it, but it was doing it left to right. I assumed it would have sorted it from the top to bottom, left to right.

I still have to stop and think about which direction “descending yes/no” goes.

See if you can apply some logic at the cell level to perform a matrix transpose, since that is essentially what you want relative to what you have. Another solution worth exploring would be to use 4 repeating groups that reference a container repeating group and index every 4n+i, where (n) is the row and (i) is the column.

@Scott How would apply logic at the cell level to create a matrix response?

I see the 4 RG logic, but the current solution is good enough, so I won’t mess with it, unless it’s easy to fix.

I think @blueback09 is on the right track here …

@topherwilliams you currently have “sort by Product Name, descending” and Descending means “Z to A” for alphabetic texts.

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