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[Solved] StarRating: triggering action

I’m testing out the StarRating plugin, and it seems like a great tool to gather review data. It has made the job of setting it all up a lot easier. I have one challenge where I’d love some feedback:

You can’t actually refer to the plugin in any workflows (for example to trigger an action after click). I tried to get around it by placing a button on top, but as it (predictably) overlaps the StarRating, it won’t work. I tried placing it inside a group and register clicks from there, but in this case the rating overlaps the Group, and it will only trigger when I click outside of the star area. Any ideas how I can trigger an action from having clicked the StarRating?

Have you tried setting a condition based off the starrating? This way you can display text or hide/unhide groups to look at the starrating for a value >0 to know that it was clicked.

In workflow you need to think of it as an input - when you do that you’ll see the following which you can include in workflows:


Aha, brilliant! I didn’t think if the StarRating as an input, but it makes sens of course! That solved it!

The element is inside a Repeating Group (using Next to cycle through Survey questions), so using Conditions deemed tricky – but the value trick should work!

Thanks a lot John!

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