Solved - This field is a list of things

How to compare a List of things value (Whole list) with another List of things value (Whole list) and return the matching ones as result. DB design is given below

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Intersects with …


Will compare two lists of the same type, and return the matches.

Not able to create the formula…

Have a look more closely at @NigelG’s screenshot, the “intersect” comes after the list reference (search or an element’s list), and should allow to reference another search or a list from elsewhere.


Search for Users : intersect with Search for Users

Intersect is with Student table, So Search User (User Assigned sports team) to be intersected with Sports table (Sports team member user)… This is not working, may be im missing something…??

Can you give a more detailed database description?

For example

table name, has
field name, field type, example data
field name, field type, example data
field name, field type, example data

Can you also describe what you are modelling, and what you are trying to show?

Data Retrieve Model is below

Table Model below

It would have been easier if the list fields were list of students, list of sports, instead of list of id texts …

Selected User’s Sports’ Team’s Users

Still doable though:

Search for Users
- Student ID <> Selected User’s Student ID
- Student ID is in Search for Sport’s Team
- - Sport ID is in Selected User’s Sports

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I changed my DB structure as per the above, Now Student table has one list field with SPORT type & Sports Table has User List also…

Solution found - Search for Users Linked Sport Team Intersect with Search for Sport Team Linked user

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