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SOLVED TIMING ISSUE Can't make a private app after deleting one private app -

Hello, I was hoping to work on another Private app. I was working on 2, and I know that’s the limit, so I was trying to ditch (delete) one that I was working on and start over, except now it’s not letting me create a new one…

I just figured it’d be easier to do that than delete every single element, and maybe that was a mistake :open_mouth:

Is there any way to allow me to work on a second one again please? As it is, I only have one app on my dashboard :frowning:

Hoping it’s a bug!

Thank you, and sorry!

I see it was marked as SOLVED…I take it this was a simple caching issue/system operation delay and had to wait for the delete of the old to sort itself out before allowing you to create a new?

Yea. I’m kinda embarrassed I didn’t wait a little longer. I wanted to delete this request but couldn’t find that either. Figured I’d take the shame and learn to slow down.

No need to be embarrassed, unless it states somewhere how long this action should take, then how would anyone expect to know.

You could have edited the original question and simply put a statement to say it was a timing issue, and then everyone would have known and moved on :slight_smile:



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