[SOLVED] Which is better? Autobinding OR custom workflow "when input is changed"

I believe autobinding doesn’t use a workflow, but it makes more work in setting and maintaining privacy settings.

Which do you prefer?

Binding is a quick way for a user to change things, say in spreadsheet style of display. The item is saved when the user moves on to the next column. However for this “automatic” data saving to occur, the user must set focus on another object. For example click or tab in another field.

Workflow would require some kind of button for example a SAVE button that executes the workflow.

I use Binding when users are savvy and know to change focus to another object or sometimes I place a fake “save” or “next” button to forces the automatic save.

When I believe users can be confused I use workflows. Or when the fields to save are a one occasion at a time.

Binding = fast, convenient for savvy users
Workflow = deliberate, guided or one-at-a-time flow

Roughly, that’s how I use them. The way security is set also is different, so be aware of this.

Think of the user and the experience you want.



Correct, autobinding requires a privacy role in order to function. (Essentially, Bubble is running a workflow on your behalf - opposed to having an explicit workflow in the workflows tab - when you set up auto binding provided that there is a privacy role that enables it to happen).

Generally speaking, I steer away from autobinding in favor of workflows for a handful of reasons:

  • From a UX standpoint, users may not be immediately aware that the thing utilizes autobinding. (So, you may end up putting a “Save” or other button on the page, just so they have something to click to feel the action has been completed). (Note: same could be said of “when X is changed” workflows).
  • When you do autobind, I really recommend showing an alert to the user (enabled as an embedded option in the design tab when you check autobinding).
  • With autobinding, since you’re not structuring from the workflow perspective, it’s more difficult to do follow-on actions. (So, helpful when it’s really just updating a single field, but not when subsequent actions should happen).
  • When autobinding, have a strong understanding of privacy roles and design them well. (Doing an override of "current user is logged in as a privacy condition isn’t the best).

Bottom line: autobinding has some good use cases, but I feel you get better value from structuring as a workflow.


Just what I was thinking. :slight_smile: