Some elements are not appearing in preview

The alert visual element and a third party element by zeroqode (Air Date Time Picker v2) are not appearing in preview for me.

The elements seem to render on the DOM as they’re listed in the inspector but their visibility is set to ‘no’.

I can’t find any setting to turn the visibility on and I’ve tested the preview on different pages and different browsers but those two elements won’t show even though the others will.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?


the alert will show when you display it using the action “display message in alert box”

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I believe I followed the video and documentation correctly but the alert is still not displaying.

Second screenshot is preview, third is dev.


If you have the input set to required bubble automaticaly prevents the execution of every workflow that uses the input value.
Your workflow is “when button is clicked and input value is empty” and it will never execute because when the input is empty it’s not valid and the workflow is prevented.

Try a different method: add a text with the error message, set it to hidden on page load and collapsed when hidden. Then set a condition to show it when the input is invalid.
This way the error message will show automatically every time the input is invalid and you don’t need a workflow for that


Hi, @flyingbearinc. Thank you for using our Date/Time Picker plugin.

Can you pleas make sure that there is no element that could be displayed above the picker element? Or if this checkbox is enabled on the picker element:

You may also show us your page/plugin/use case settings so we can help you out find the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zeroqode Support Team

Perfect answer. Thank you, dorilama.

Hi there,

It looks like everything is in check.


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You’r welkome :slight_smile:


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