Template - Viewing All Page Elements in Display

Hello, I am new to Bubble and working to learn the tool. I am using the Zeroqode “Daty - Dating Like Tinder” template to create app.

After several great days learning the tool and making edits I seem to have “lost” the ability to view elements in the Design view.

Any tips for a newbee on how to “regain ability to view” all of the page elements e.g. buttons, images, text, background etc. for the LogIn/Signup page would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Are you referring to all the elements in the Element Tree on the Design Tab? You don’t see them there even though the elements are in fact on the design?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I used the template for a few days and was able to view and make edits to the idex page, view elements like sign up, background images, company logo, user text input fields etc. I can still view these elements and the index page in preview mode and on my iOS mobile phone by clicking a link to the preview web address. Unfortunately when I try to view the elements in design mode they don’t appear which makes editing challenging. I can only view individual elements the grey box to the right on the screen.

Do the elements have conditionals on when they are visible? If that is the case and they are not visible by default then they will not show in the editor unless you click the “eye icon” next to them in the Element Tree.

You may have already checked, but when looking in the Elements Tree, make sure that the ‘Only show hideable’ checkbox is unchecked - it’s really easy to miss!

Does it look like this?

I’ve found the solution to be refreshing the page. (Also turn off the experimental Feature “Design Canvas” if you have that selected was my issue.)

(I’ve already emailed bubble support about this)

Thank you for the comment and idea, I just tried this but the elements are still hidden.

Yes. Thank you for your comment. My apologies (I am a newbee) where do I locate the “Design Canvas” to turn it off? Thank you in advance. Excited to test this.

I ended up locating the Design Canvas experimental feature and tried clicking and unclicking the box in settings. Unfortunately, the app template isn’t showing up in display mode as it was prior. Will keep searching for a solution and share if I find one.

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