Some File Storage Assets SHARED Between DEV and LIVE - Be Wary!

I just learned that static assets - i.e. files (including images) - uploaded via the Bubble editor are shared between the DEV and LIVE versions of an app.

This has important implications. It means that one must carefully consider the consequences of deleting a file in the DEV version of an app using the File Manger, because if that file was a static asset uploaded while building the app (as opposed to having been uploaded from the “front end”), then that asset will no longer be available in the LIVE version of the app either!

Up until now, I had always thought that DEV and LIVE were completely separate, and indeed they are with regard to the database content and the app structure; but when it comes to file storage, it’s true of only SOME files - specifically, those uploaded via the front end.

IOW, if a file was uploaded via the back end - i.e. via the Bubble editor when building the app - it is SHARED between DEV and LIVE.

(I’m assuming this is the intended behavior, so if anyone thinks otherwise or has other insights, let us know.)


Good tip.

BTW, something that makes the current behavior especially puzzling is that files shared between DEV and LIVE show up ONLY in the File Manager of the DEV version. They don’t show up in the LIVE version’s File Manager.

One would naturally expect files that are accessible in either LIVE or DEV to show up in both, but that’s not the case. :confused:

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