File Manager switch to live

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of orphan files in my file manager. It’s really long to delete all of them (around 10,000).

When I switch dev database to live, is File Manager overwritten (like the data fields) ? It could be a solution to remove all the file from Live File Manager.

If not, each time I switch to live a datatype (for example “products” in my cases, with images for each products), the previous products and images are still in the File Manager live version ? Even if I decided to overwrite the live database ?

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Just consider that Bubble has 2 databases. Development and live. Completely separate from each other.

Thanks for your answer!

So do you confirm that my dev File Manager with 2,000 uploaded files will overwrite my live File Manager with 10,000 uploaded files ?

Recommend you check with Bubble at [email protected] prior to taking a step like that. File manager could have routines to watch for.

Also … perhaps you can also run an experiment with another quick app that you can build.

Please share your findings :+1:

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