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Some help setting up app with database etc

Hi all!

I think I have a greate idea for an app, but I need some help in setting it up.

High level, the idea is the following:

  • Users sign up for the app, and upload a few datapoints daily. These datapoints are shown in tables, graphical etc via a dashboard.
  • Every week/month, a automated report is created in which the daily data is analyzed and remmendations are given. I have an excel-based template for this.

I can do the Bubble-basics: pages, elements, etc, but I need some help with setting up the connection between bubble, the database and the template. I also want to learn how it is done, as I want to be able to adapt this template, as I expect that the app will grow over time.

Please contact me if you can help me, and for further details.

Thank you.

Bubble have an integrated database based on tables,let me understand, are you looking for someone who creates those tables using the excel you have, import your actual data,conects your bubble elements to the database, and then explain how it was done so you can modify it later?