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Hi Guys,

Completely new hear and just trying to work out if bubble is a good fit for what I need, I am one of those people that like the guide says; has “stumbled” across bubble when trying to find a way to make something work. I just want to stress I am not asking “how to” as I am happy to do my own research but just “can I”.

My wife runs a small wedding florist and the interface/app I am am looking to make her is just a fairly simple one that I currently have working in excel with VBA alongside, but would like to make the whole interface and experience better for her.

What I am hoping from bubble is :slightly_smiling_face:; a form where she can submit “new client” data i.e. “name-venue-client spend” etc. into a database. I would then like some of this data, such as “venue” to return calculated costs associated with some constants/variables (such as price of fuel-distance to venue), which again ideally can be edited to work with the currently increasing prices of things (like the fuel price). From all of this I would then like to display predicted turnover, profit margins etc in a graphical interface. On top of all of this, and just to be extra demanding, I would then like to make it possible for her to delete entries from the database in the event a couple cancel there wedding etc (this is where excel falls flat on its face a bit).

I know the maths of this is simple, but again I have no idea if Bubble can manipulate databases in this way.

Is this something that I can learn to do in Bubble?

Short answer… it can.

Longer answer… it definitely can. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, everything you described (and a hell of a lot more) can be done with Bubble, so jump on in. It is definitely worth spending the time doing the tutorials and poking around in the forum before you really get going, though, because getting a solid grasp of the fundamentals is pretty important when it comes to longer-term success with building on Bubble.

Hope this helps.



Hi Mike,

A Fantastic!! I will get started at the academy to learn the basics first :slight_smile:

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Just as Mike said, it’s definitely possible. As far as learning is concerned, I would suggest starting with the tutorials on Bubble’s own learning section. They are the best that I have found for building the basic foundation. Once you are comfortable with the basic ideas and techniques, then you can go ahead and learn from youtube, paid courses (if needed), and ask questions in forums. However, I can assure you that 90% of the problems that you will come across have already been answered in the forums so that will save you time, patience and effort. :slight_smile:
P.S. to do the calculations you will need to learn the expressions and calculations in Bubble very well. This is not that difficult but very important piece. And if at some point you feel that a specific calculation is not possible in bubble (or possible with very complicated workarounds), or if it slows down your Bubble app, you can always send the data to a third party tool, do the calculations there, and then return the results. Integromat is once such tool that I use very often.

Happy Building !! :smiley:

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