Some image files not loading

Certain image files, particularly JPGs and PNGs (but not SVGs) are not loading. This issue extends to the bubble site itself. Images are not loading on the bubble home page and in My Apps. So, why is bubble still reporting its status as operational? Isn’t this a major trust-buster?


It will be hard to help you without more informations. Maybe you can share some image url, image element settings… Also, inspect in console to find any error like CORS issue

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It has to be on their end, because I am also getting it

Yes. Exactly! Thanks for posting.

The issue is less of a concern (but still a big one) than the fact that bubble is reporting as “all green”:

The only way for Bubble to know this is affecting you is via a bug report. Go file one: Bug Report | Bubble

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I have sent a bug report earlier, haven’t heard back as of now.

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Don’t have this issue at all but this is interesting :wink:
On which OS/Browser are you?
Also, did you clear cache just to be sure it’s not a cache issue

That is interesting. Happening on Chrome and on Safari. Cache cleared. No impact.

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Status page from Bubble doesn’t report but. This is more to report systems downtime. I suggest that you create a topic in the bugs forum so other user can comment if they have the same issue

Everything loads fine for me:

let me try that

I discovered that the issue goes away for me when I use LTE instead of wifi. Obviously that’s not sustainable but it indicates that this is a server-based issue.

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I’ve the same problem since yesterday 2 pm/french time

Been having the same issue. This is the error I get in the debugger:

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@abaudin are you using a plugin to compress your images? I’m using Upload Buddy to do that, wondering if it’s related to this…

Have been talking to their tech support on Bug report #19177. You can refer to that if you talk to support - in case that helps.

Also, as this issue resolves when I move to 4G/LTE, that implies this is a pure server-side issue at bubble’s end. I don’t think this has anything to do with image compression.

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I’m finding this to be the case as well. Weird

I forwarded your ticket info to the support team - thanks

Have created a stop-gap fix for myself by using a VPN service. Sucks that I have to do this but it allows me to keep moving now.

Support told me it’s an issue with my WiFi because they can’t replicate.

But if this is affecting you as well I’m not sure how that can be…