Image files not loading

My images are not loading in the editor or the main app
Screenshot 2022-02-01 132832
Screenshot 2022-02-01 132851
Here are more screen shots:

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Can you post some screenshots?

I just added them

The the files are there but bubble won’t load any of the images. everything else works fine

Facing the same issue. Seems to be impacting JPG and PNG images but not SVG images in my case.

Just saw that images are not rendering on the landing page. So, this is an issue that is pretty significant! Not sure why bubble is saying on its status page that everything is running fine.

strange I don’t understand why it is doing this and from what I understand there isn’t a way to fix this on our end. It has to be the dev teams end.

Yes. Agreed.

I’ve the same problem since yesterday ±2 pm french time.
png / jpeg → ko
svg ok

it could be a number of reasons at this point. Network connection is one that I think is affecting me the most.

Would anyone help me? I read in mukabbir school in okara and tomorrow is the last date of my assignment submission but problem is that my pictures are not sent due to the big size. Please tell me what I should do.

Have created a stop-gap fix for myself by using a VPN service. Sucks that I have to do this but it allows me to keep moving now.

Facing same issue. Hopefully this gets resolved soon

Not resolved by my side anymore!!

THis fixed it instantly for me. I added google’s DNS servers to mine and it fixed it instantly. Follow the link below:

In the end, I submitted my assignment to mukabbir school in okara. Thanks for the help.

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