Someone who can help me finish the project

Hello everyone,

I am developing the web app friends business. I am almost done, and the whole logic behind the app is already done.

There are things that need to be designed and some details are required to finish the project. The thing is that I don’t have time to continue my work for the following days and I would like to finish it during the following weekend.

I don’t have a Growth plan on Bubble, so I would need someone who would design some parts in the separate app that I can copy. I will need someone to help me tomorrow and the day after to finish this project.

Is there anyone who is willing to work with me for the two days? I would like it if the could talk on a meeting app during those two days to finish this project effectively.

Please let me know! Best regards,

Hey @zoombackdrops!

I specialize in both Bubble and design so if you need some final tweaks there, would love to discuss more about it. Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita

You can also find more here of my Bubble studio -

Also, you can peek at some templates we’ve put together here: Template Store

Hi Nemanja, were you able to get your app completed on time? I noticed you didn’t get a early reply.