Sorry, your session has changed / expired...please try again

When some (but not all) users try to either sign up or log in, they’re receiving a popup message that says “Sorry, your login session has changed / expired…please try again”. When they try again, they see the same message.

The issue is happening across multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and device types (phones, tablets and laptops) and is recurring for the users who are seeing it, but we can’t recreate it from our side.

To see the login or signup forms that are failing here, the user has to be delivered to the page in a logged out state, which means they’ve either had to click “Don’t remember me”, logged out at the end of their last session or be browsing from an incognito window.

Posting this one here as it’s one of those cases that’s tough to resolve through Bubble’s traditional bug-fixing structure because it only happens to some users and we can’t recreate it from our side. Hoping someone has seen and fixed something similar in their app because this has shut 20 of our paying users out of their accounts over the past week.


I am experiencing the same problem. A user created an account with Facebook and now she cannot connect with Facebook or her email. @brian was there anything weird when your user created their account? When my customer created her account bubble did not capture her email address. I had to enter it manually.

@emmanuel could it be a problem with bubble?

Nothing weird from our side on account creation, but interesting to note the issues you’re having logging in with FB. For us, this happens when accounts are created, when users who have created their accounts with the Bubble login flow try to log in and when people try to reset their passwords.

The only other time I’ve ever seen this is in Bubble is when we built a page that intentionally logs you out when you hit it to sign our admin team out of any other accounts they might be using, then asks you to log in again. When you log in to that page, this same message gets generated, but that’s an entirely different page to what we’re trying to solve here.

@brian have you found a way around this? This is so annoying and it also locked out some of my users.

I am experiencing the same issue, but at least for my scenario the user is able to log in on second attempt. But it is royally frustrating and humpty dumpty UX.

I just logged a bug report. I’ll provide any feedback I receive from the Bubble team back here.

Thanks for the data points @alexandrelpiche and @SerPounce and for filing a bug report. We filed ours five days ago and have been working through the predictable “we couldn’t reproduce it” back and forth ever since without any progress.

I’ll post again if we get anywhere, which I’m hoping happens relatively soon as we’re getting 3-5 frustrated emails a day from our clients that their users are locked out of their accounts.

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FWIW, I think @rohan had a similar issue a couple months ago and detailed it in this post:

Not sure if a bug report was ever filed there, but obviously this issue isn’t new.

Progress update is that first level Bubble support has confirmed the adverse behavior and have escalated.

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Today’s update:
“Our engineers are still exploring the root of the issue and a potential code change has been proposed. While it’s not possible to provide an exact time frame, our team should be reaching out after a code change is verified, tested, and deployed.”

I had to edit this last comment to capture the solution as the topic was closed…

So, it turns out that I had a step to log the user out when the index page was loaded that was causing the problem. As soon as I removed that step, the problem was resolved.


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