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Login session has Changed/Expired

What could be the source of this. The error message occurs when you what to register a new user and when you want to log in and now none of my workflows work i.e those that create new data in DB. Quite a novice so might be something I have overlooked.

@Rogelio Did you get this done? @csfalcao Not related to your Facebook issues but perhaps you have an answer

If you are working in development, it is a good idea to clear out all cookies periodically to make sure that there is no odd behaviour going on, especially when working with sessions or different user accounts.

Maybe worth giving that a try.

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Did this already but nothing happens!

Open a support ticket, I never seen this behavior.

To replicate this behavior let your social media (Facebook) login expire. If your app shows the login button because it has expired, then trying to login will give you that message. It will keep happening until you refresh the browser.

For this to happen let the app sit in your browser for a long time until the session expires. This never happens if you refresh the browser or call the app in from scratch via the url input in your browser.

I get this from time to time in my apps. I also just got this after freshly restarting my browser (Safari, Mac) when logging in to Bubble.

I’m getting this error every time I login to the live version of my app. I have the app sitting in the window, because I’m testing using it like a mobile app, I get logged out and when I login I get the error message.

Is this a known bug? I’m testing using an app as a “Webapp” that can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile. So I have the page open on three devices at various times.

Here’s what happens.

  1. I’m using the app on desktop. Put MacBook to sleep.
  2. A few hours later I open on my Android phone, where I had been using it the day before.
  3. It makes me login in again and I get the error message.
  4. Everything is fine on phone if I refresh the page, I’m logged in.

I’m not sure if multiple devices have anything to do with this. When I only use one device, it still seems to log me out too often and I’ve never been able to login without the error message. This is true of two different apps I’m testing and on the Live version of both.

Has anyone found a solution or cause for this yet?

I’m having the same issues with an iOS native app implemented with Phonegap. I do not get this error when accessing from either Safari on the same device, native android app, or Android-based chrome. I believe it started when I switched user accounts and has not been resolved with browser cache clearing, app delete/reinstall or app rebuild.


Hi John…Its about clearing the cache/cookies, but I went a step further and implemented/forced a refresh page after every log out.

I noticed that this mainly happens on pages that I treat like a mobile app in that there is a login form set to appear to users who are NOT logged in, and there is content that should only show for logged in users – using condiitions.

It seems that when I open the page on a new device or after long periods, it treats me like I’m not logged in, but if I refresh the page it realizes I am logged in and everything works normally. If I don’t refresh the page and fill in the login form it causes the error because I’m logging in twice.

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Thanks for the replies.
I’ve run tests trying to see if these are the causes, first by clearing the cache/cookies and then by putting buttons on the sign-in screen to manually log off the user and refresh the page, but both without luck. I’ve made sure that when the app loads up the Current User is indeed logged out, so the double-login issue does not seem to be the root cause.

The strange thing is that it works fine in the stock Safari browser, but not in the Phonegap iOS app.

It happens to me too! :sweat:

Hi all, did anyone get to the bottom of this issue. I’m having the same problem. Thanks Dev

Same issue : Error Code EXPIRED_SESSION.

It happened after we moved the app from its domain to its new sub domain

Erasing all the cache/cookies sometimes resolved the issue. But it has not been 100% succesful.

When that happens while developping it’s all right, but you’ve got an app on production and users can’t access their account anymore, it becomes a major issue.

When the app domain is changed, isn’t there a way to enhance the reset of all the cookies & cache of the users when they try to reconnect ?

Cookies are domain related, so if you change the domain, the app will start fresh automatically.

Sure it should, but we’ve seen this issue both in Chrome & Firefox with different users.
I guess the reason wy it did not work is because we moved to a subdomain of the same domain.

After erasing all the yellow cookies (the ones with our older domain), we’ve been able to restore the connection :

Isn’t there a way to enhance a hard reset of the all the cookies/accounts linked to the top domain when the domain of the app is changed ? because we’ve got a persistent problem, even after users have cleaned their cookies.

Same issue, on a subdomain.