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Sort descending/ascending based on checkbox

Am I missing something, or is this the intended functionality?

The descending/ascending sort is based on a yes/no boolean.
The checkbox’s value is a yes/no boolean.
So it seems like I should be able to just set this expression to the checkbox’s value.

especially since I can’t create two sorts based on the same field (created date). The field disappears from the list after I’ve used it once.

Sorry, what is the question here?

You might need to have the checkbox set a custom state, then have the custom state set a condition on the list that changes the data source, which allows you to change the sorting. It’s a bit longwinded, but it’ll work. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do the way you’re trying to, but it would be neat if you could!

Is it a bug that I can’t set descending yes/no to the checkbox’s value? Seems like I should be able to do that since they’re both yes/no.

If you do checkbox’s is checked, it’ll be yes if it is, no if it isn’t.

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Oh, okay. So instead of “value” returning yes if checked, no if not check, it’ll be “is checked” being yes if checked, no if not checked, or “isn’t checked” being yes if not checked, no if checked?

Why don’t you test on page, displaying the value?

This is going to sound more flippant than intended, but why not just update the documentation so it doesn’t leave questions like this open?

So I setup the actual page to reverse descending based on the value of a checkbox. I can see in the inspector that “descending” is yes or “descending” is no, but the order of the list isn’t changing.

Descending=yes and created 803pm is at the top

Descending=no and created 803pm is still at the top

I tried making a new repeating group here and it reverses the sort as one would expect.

Or, to be helpful, you could have a bit of a play with the functionality then suggest an edit to the documentation via the support email. That would help others in the same way that others help you, and reduce the effort on the team.


What makes you think I’m not doing that? Here’s one I pestered the team to update after I wasted a few days because of their typo.

I get that it’s in their interests to let the community do their troubleshooting for them. Understanding it and accepting it doesn’t mean I’m not still annoyed by it.

Yes, I understand the frustration. And have had my share of it too.

But we have to accept that two people can’t do everything, and that the community have pushed the envelope of Bubble on many occasions. The Google map functionality is pretty bug free now thanks to a few people shaking it quite hard. Same with the responsive engine.

And now you are the leading light of dynamic sort criteria, so thanks !

Maybe turn the Documentation into a Wiki ?

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