Sort Repeating Group by Yes/No Field

I have a form that asks the user if their issue is a high priority issue. They can toggle either yes or no. I would like the issues that are tagged as ‘yes’ to be sorted at the top of the issue repeating group and the ‘no’ responses sorted by creation date below. I tried sorting by the PriorityCheck field, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m assuming I need to specify sorting the ‘yes’ to the top somehow, but I’m not sure how to do that. All I see is the Descending option. Can anyone help point this out?

It should be simple to sort by a yes/no field… just set that field as the field to sort by (Descending ‘yes’ means Yes will be sorted at the top… Descending ‘No’ means No will be sorted at the top).

If it’s not working as expected, it could be because of privacy rules restricting access to the yes/no field… so I’d start by checking that.

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OK, sorry, I was misunderstanding what descending was meaning in terms of the yes/no field. If it was simply phrased ‘sort by yes/no’ I would have got that. For whatever reason the descending was a curveball for me. Again, my bad. I’m sorry. Thank you for pointing this out though.

Yeah it threw me off for a bit too! Admittedly having a ‘Descending: No’ instead of ‘Ascending’ seems antiquated :smiley:

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