Sort repeating group thing by creator

We are building an application that has users create savings goals. We would like to be able to see all of the goal names our users have created in one place along with the email of the user that created it. Also, we would like the repeating group to be sorted in such a way that each users’ goals are clumped together.

Like this:
goal #1
goal #2
goal #3
goal #4
goal #5
goal #6
goal #7
goal #8

We have set up a repeating group that does a search for goals, but don’t see an option to sort that search by creator, which is what it would seem like we need to do in order to clump them by each creator’s email.

I thought the field used to be available but maybe I’m wrong.
Anyway, try

  1. writing to to see if they can put it (back)
  2. add a field to your thing (try to make it text, btw) and sort by it


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That’s funny! I thought it used to be there too. Glad I’m not the only one. I’ll let Bubble support know. Thanks Alex!

Hi @dserber :slight_smile: I think this used to be available as well but is not an option anymore. One way to set this up is to create a repeating group which does a search for Users, and then place a second repeating group (for the goals) inside of the first cell of the User repeating group.

In summary, the outside repeating group would do a Search for Users (constraint: Goals isn’t empty)

and the second, inside repeating group would do a Search for Goals (constraint: Creator = Current cell’s User)

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in setting this up!

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We removed that option because It never worked in the first place. Displaying it in the sorting drop down was the bug.

We currently don’t support sorting by a field that is a custom type


Hi @emmanuel,

Is this something in the roadmap?

It’s an easy SQL sentence. I’m assuming that due to bubble complexity it’s not as easy as to write

FROM table1 t1
JOIN table2 t2
ON =
ORDER BY t2.order_field

But hopefully you can figure something out :slight_smile:

Because it’s very useful and sometimes even blocking not to be able to do this. I have to ditch a whole feature in my app due to the UX problems that this will cause.

I can create a new field in the type with the same content as the related thing field, but I see that more as a workaround of course and could create inconsistencies as if the content of the related thing field changes I would need to replicate the changes in all the rows.



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