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Ok so I have two lists of items.


They’re both a list of users. I want to sort a post by the number of likes vs dislikes. The most disliked post being at the bottom of the list and the most liked being at the top.

When I attempt to sort, these lists don’t show up as something I can sort by.

I’ve searched the forum but the only topic I found was from 2016 which didn’t help me fix my problem. Could someone help?

I have a lesson that covers this from the perspective of an upvote/downvote counter. (Very similar in premise to likes/dislikes). Here’s a link to the video.

Within search sorting, I do not believe you can sum a list and then use that value as a sort field.

However, you can build in a field that echoes the count of users who have liked (or disliked) the given item. (Basically recorded as “current items like count +1”) within the same workflow that records the like/dislike. (You can use a bulk changes API workflow to clean up your existing data to conform to this).

That should give you the ability to sort based on how you’d like.

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try change which field, or store the like/dislike field on the post itself rather than user. you can have disliked by type user, dislike count type number.
I cant really understand your problem exactly without seeing your data structure.

the likes and dislikes are stored under the post.
The post stores lists of users
likes are a list of users stored in the post
dislikes are a list of users stored in the post

so I am storing the under the post. I did come up with a compromise by adding a “score” which is just a number stored in the post that gets updated with the number of users who liked minus the number of users who disliked.

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