Sortable column headers

Is there a way in Bubble to make the column headers sortable? So if you click on a column it would sort ascending and then click again and it would sort based on that column data descending? Could be a little arrow icon to the right of the column header or just the column header word itself.

Yes. :+1:

You can choose to order your RG dynamically (pointing it to a custom state). Now you just need to change this custom state thru a workflow.

Can you help me a bit more on this? Would my dynamic field name be group headers or do I need to make a custom dynamic field name that when the header is clicked the workflow will set the custom field name to equal whatever header I chose? And then I guess if I want the ability to click once to sort descending and then another time to go ascending and so on, would I then create another sort field or a separate workflow? Maybe if you could show a sample screen shot of the workflow section?

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