Sort the way Bubble Does in "App Data"

You know how you can click on the text in a table header in App Data and it will sort the data by that column? How can I implement this identical thing on an app?

I have a row of simple text header that is aligned with the Repeating Group columns

Thank you!

You’ll have to build it yourself. Probably a few methods for doing it, but way I’d approach it would be to create a custom state and have the RG’s sort field draw from that state. Then do a workflow so that when you click on a header it sets the custom state to the appropriate data you sort.

If you dig around on youtube or the forum you’ll likely find some direct instructions somewhere. Or someone may have built a plugin element that has already built it all for you.

Thanks - I’ve been searching on youtube and most of them do it through a drop down menu so they’re able to do conditional things which doesn’t have a “clicked” vs “pressed” option. I figured since its an element/workflow that bubble uses, a shortcut might be available but I guess not!

You’re welcome and good luck with it. Nothing prebuilt on Bubble for this. Though once you get the hang of workflows and custom states it’s not that hard to implement. Or I’m sure there are some plugins that have built the functionality.

Searching column sort on the forum brings up some posts with specific instructions like this one…

Thanks for your help!