Sorting a list of thing according to second level attributes. Maybe using :ranked by...?

If I want to sort a list of ThingA according to ThingA’s ThingB, I use :sorted by or :filtered.
But now I would like to sort a list of ThingA according to ThingA’s ThingB’ ThingC.

How can I do it ? It tried with :ranked by but I don’t understand how it works with similiar to or different from.

May someone help me ?
Thks in advance

So we do support this right now, sorting can only be done on a primary field.

Ranked by is a different feature, it’s a way to sort elements by similarity, let’s say if you’re trying to match some people. It quantifies how different some things are (based on numerical fields), and find who is the closest.

Is this sorting feature still not available?

Did someone find a workaround to perform sorting using a second level field?

Desperately need this function.
Any workaround yet?