Sorting a repeating group by categories

Hi everyone!

I’m having trouble trying to set up a repeating group to display a list by categories.

To be more specific, I have a list of reports on my index page with a list of light blue category tags within them (see image below):

Above the reports, you’ll see a sort-by column with the text elements, “A-Z”, “New”, “Categories”.

When I click Categories, I’ve set up the content type of the repeating group to display the Category Names. (Example below):

Now my goal is to display a list of reports (within a repeating group similar to the first image I added) that only fall into one of these specific category types. For example, If i chose the “Marketing” element, It would ONLY display reports that have those category tags within them (I reiterate to be as clear as possible).

I’ve seen a few suggestions made here on the forum, such a connecting data types and sorting through that. I’ve also tried tinkering around with the “Display List” element action, but it seems like I’m not arranging things properly.

Any suggestions?