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Sort article by data type?

Like any normal media site they have articles that have a category, i have the category attached to the articles but i cant seem to figure out how to have the repeating group only show that category.

Think of the “Game” as the category, how would i sort all the post by one the games that have already been created?

Say that one of the games was Baseball, and another game was Football, how i filter the repeating group to only show one the games?

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In the data source of the repeating group, you’re going to use something like Current Page Articles “filtered by” and then the constraint will be category = whatever one has been chosen

My problem is I have a specific page for each category, not one dynamic page because different things will eventually go on there, so the page doesn’t have a set data type and because there is more then one category i cant just select the category i want it to display.

No worries - use “do a search for” instead of “current page”

“Do a search for” is used whenever the page data type isn’t set and you need to grab some data

Hi, I’m facing the same problem as @1david2hot and I don’t understand @wesfrank’s answer. I am trying to figure out how to build a filtered lists of “categories” that, once clicked on, lead to specific pages that are not standardized. Is this possible in Bubble? And if so, how?