Sorting by Thing's Thing's Thing's Name


I want to sort a list of Enrollments by Enrollment’s Student’s User’s Name, so 3rd degree data relation sorting.

How can I do that? I’m trying to figure the sorting feature using the “change which field” but I am not able to.

I’ve looked at some other posts like this one Sorting an RG with a thing's thing but cannot make sense of it.

Please help.


That’s kind of bizarre that Bubble can do so many things but then we get stuck at something so simple…

In this case, you mean to find and sort users and then find enrollments matching these users?

I really don’t like doing this, there are 4 or 5 fields that need are sortable and it’s hectic to have to denormalise all the database. Especially when part is moving and will require cross updating whenever bits change.
Another denormalization strategy I had in mind was to set a text field called “sorting” and dump a text there when sorting the data. So when “sorting by first name” I would find each enrollment in the RG and add the first name to it dynamically, then sort by that field. This way I keep things local to the page. However, if two users work on the same page at the same time, it will screw things up a lot.

That, I don’t understand. Could you elaborate please?

Another approach is to update the storting fields when the page / RG is loaded. This way I don’t need to manage maintenance of denormalization in the backend but let users trigger the update on the go.