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Sorting item collection from API

Hi! I am trying to sort a repeating group by Work order#. When I make the call, this is my result.

I want each Work Order # to have an entry filling out each subsequent field, but currently it is doing this. How do I get these entries to appear as just one work order number and not 77 entries each line?
Thank you!

Is it not possible to do the sorting on the call itself? Many API providers give the functionality of doing this on the call itself.

If it is not possible, then you can still use the ‘sort by’ feature built into bubble…after your API Call datasource dynamic expression, click it again to get the ‘more’ text button to access the operators and select the ‘sort’ operator.

Thanks! I tried the sort method, here are my results:

and my dynamic data:

Is the order incorrect?

Bump because I need help haha

Are you showing a list of things in a single Text Element instead of a repeating group for any particular reason?

Not sure what you are asking. As far as I know this is a repeating group. Is there another way to add data to a repeating group other than adding a text box to the repeating group?

You are putting the sort onto the text element…it should be on the repeating group, as should the entire dynamic expression you are placing into the text…your text element dynamic expression should be referencing something like "current cell’s work order number

Thank you very much!
It is working just fine now:

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