Sorting repeating group by date of date/time field

Is there a way to sort by date only of a date/time field? My RG has a field for Date and time which both are needed, but I want to sort/search/filter based on the day only. I can’t figure out how to make that happen.

Just sort by the Date field.

Doesn’t seem to work. If I put the date and time in the picker it will filter correct, but I need to just filter by the date.

Are you talking about sorting or filtering?

Filtering, sorry!

In that case it depends on what value you’re storing in the database for the Date field…

If you’re storing a specific time, in a consistent time zone you can refer to that in your constraint (i.e. if all your dates are set to midnight UTC, you can just use Thing Date is Filter Date (assuming they are set to the same time in the same time zone).

If the stored date can be any time of day, then you’ll need to use 2 constraints, to define the start and end time of the current Day (in whatever time zone you need it to be in), and check that the stored Date falls between those two values.

Oh that makes perfect sense. Thank you!

Took me a minute, but I think I got it. I was thinking the time for the date picker would be automatically noon… but its 12am. This seems to work.