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Filtering data by date with time

Hi :slight_smile:

In the database I have objects named “events” with fields “start date” and “end date”.

I would like to make 3 repeating groups and each of them would display:
1)the currently running event
2)events which are on the same day as the first group, but have not started yet
3)all other events which are not in the 1st and 2nd group and are not in the past

I have tried to configure this in a myriad of ways but without success, does anyone know how the data search should look for each group?

Thanks in advance!

You should use the sort by feature to sort by the start date to get them in an order, which would incorporate the time.

You can then also use the filters operator to filter them based on some date using the constraints with the comparison operations of (greater than or less than etc.) to create the different lists around your preferences.