Sorting seems to be the bane of my existence

I cant seem to figure out why I am unable to get sorting lol. Every time I try, it doesn’t work. Can someone help me please :slight_smile:

Let me know if you see something wrong with what I am doing?

I appreciate it so much!



Try Sort by: Descending “Yes”

Dates are higher if they are more recent I believe.

Also check in your app data to make sure the dates are correct in the data base.

Let me know if that helps.

If you want to private message me I can take a look at the page directly instead of a video. Hard to check on things in a video :slight_smile:

Also, check the text that you are referencing in the repeating group. What is that referencing?

Hey There,

Thank you for looking at this for me. The issue persists. The dates are not in order at all. there isn’t a sort that I can see. I will see 2020 then some 2019 then some more 2020… It doesn’t seem to be sorting.


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