Sorting your dropdown menu in alphabetical order

Hello everyone,

is there a way where you can sort your dropdown in an alphabetical order?
I have more than +100 addresses from one of my API library and turned that into a dropdown where users can choose an address from.


It is currently in an order from the API Library but I can’t re-arrange that directly.
is there a way on bubble app itself?

Thank you!

Just add a sort on your datasource for the dropdown, then you can sort by whatever field you like.


@adamhholmes only issue with a sort is its going to go off of the number of the address not street name, now if thats what is wanted then yes @adamhholmes is correct, just do a sort when you do your search for addresses and put it in decending= No and youll get smallest to largest numbers.


Thank you for your response,

Its a silly question but do you know where I can change the datasource properties for ‘Water Consumption’? I know I created that but not sure where I can fix stuff.

I’m new to bubble sorry!!!
Thank you

On the Data tab in your app editor (on the left hand panel).

There you can edit the data fields for any of your datatypes, as well as view and edit entries in the database.

Is the above way you are wanting to sort? or our you wanting to sort by text name and not the number?