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Source of traffic

Is there a way to know the source of traffic on my bubble app? Is there a way to identify the URL from where the visitor came from?


Hey there @joaobranco,

Welcome to the Bubble Community!

I don’t believe natively, but you can use something like Google Analytics to find out :blush:

Thanks for replying…
I know that, but I actually needed to have that info inside Bubble.

Yes, it’s possible, I think there’s a public plugin that does that. Try looking through them.

If you wish to use it in marketing campaigns, like Instagram or Facebook, where users don’t see the link, you can include parameters in the URL. So you will be able to count the users comming from different sources based in the values that you are receiving from the URLs…

I’ll try to find it…

Actually the traffic is being redirected from different URLs and I would like to know what are these URLs…

Doing as I said, it should work :+1:

I understood, but actually the agents on my app create the ads themselvs, so I would have to educate them on creating redirects on their websites to the landing pages on the app with these parameters, since I’m not in charge of their ads accounts. Thanks!