Tracking Redirect to External URL

Hi Guys

Any recommendations on a Plugin / API that I could use to accomplish the below?

I return a list of search results with product images. These images have a URL associated with them which redirects when clicked on.

I’d like to track how many times a specific click was done on the image and redirected. These analytics should also include the Creator’s (of the Search Result Products) email.

Any suggestions for a Plugin / API to accomplish this?

I’ve tried MixPanel, but only get the even coming through. It doesn’t give me any information on the URL or the creator’s email. Just that there has been a total of x redirects regardless of product it was done from?

Thank you

Can you not use Google Analytics for this? You can setup a campaign and use the url builder to create the links to be tracked in GA.

I’d recommend simply storing this data in your Bubble database.

Google Analytics doesn’t give you access to individual level data so it’s probably not a very good tool for this.

Of course, you could use MixPanel or another analytics solution, but that’s probably overkill. For example, in MixPanel, you can pass additional information to MixPanel such as the email address and URL. It’s fairly simple to do, but still easier to just store it in Bubble and definitely cheaper.

I’m pretty sure it registers onto individual link level. You just need to get the URL through the builder to get a new link.
It can perfectly track every single download. I did this at my previous job but haven’t looked at it for a while…

Yeah, good point. There are ways to hack it with GA such as using a URL, which they do allow you to access at an individual level. Challenge is it’s a bit of hackery, and also requires you to put email addresses in a URL for this particular use case which can be a bad practice (depends on details of course). But, entirely workable.

So, lots of options for this. Most any tool will do.

I’d recommend using Bubble since it keeps all of the data together, it doesn’t cost anything extra, no new tool to learn, it gives you logs of actions in case you need to debug, etc.

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You are absolutely right. I just sometimes see myself reinvent the wheel and spend time on something for which an existing tool exists that usually did the need 90%:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions gents.

Sorry for the late reply (took a break from building).
I got the MixPanel integration to work, but may actually just play around with storing it in Bubble.

Thanks again.