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Spacebar as space in multiselect dropdowns


I have just followed this brilliant tutorial: How to Let Users Create Their Own Options for Multiselect Dropdowns - YouTube

Now when my users create a new entry though, pressing the spacebar results in a new entry being added (as if the spacebar is the enter button), rather than creating a space between 2 words.

For me, the dropdown is ‘authors’, so the name has to be 2 words (firstname & surname) “Bob” alone doesn’t work. It needs to be “Bob Brown” eg.

Any work-arounds for this?

Nevermind, I gather from other users this may not be possible at all, so have bought the Selectize dropdown plugin instead.

@miss.k.owen this is also possible with Bubble’s free “Multiselect Dropdown” plugin

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Well that was easy :sweat_smile: thank you Alex!

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