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Anyone know of a Tag Input plug in?

I’m looking for a tag input plug in or suggestions on how to make it work. Like this one.

What’s wrong with the bubbles plug-in multi select drop-down


I use that one all the time! It’s a great drop-down. The only issue I ever have is that when you allow them to type in their own text (in an other situation), it won’t let them add a space between words.

Thanks @AliFarahat, I saw that in plugins but no link to say what it was…I didn’t equate that to a tag input. Thanks, this looks like it will work. much appreciated.

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Actually after reviewing, I see @josh10 issue. Only one word options? I definitely need two word. it appears this one keys on the enter or space. have you seen any others that allow a space?

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This may help

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thanks…will give it a try @Jici

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Tried this one but it only seems to work if you save to the db. I tried just setting the the multidd value to the state but it won’t display anything. The value is correct when inspecting but not displaying. my use case I can add to the db like this example is doing. Any suggestions again woudl be most appreciated.