Special characters in page name

Is there a way to use special characters like @ in the page name?

I’d like to have a service that users have their own page ie. MyDomain.co is for sale

organizations like YouTube use the @ symbol to signify a user channel. i.e. https://www.youtube.com/@LastWeekTonight

It’s not really recommended to use special characters in URL. They can cause some unpredicted issues and in my opinion it’s not really worth it. Although if you still decide to go ahead, you could try URL encoding these characters. For example, the “@” character can be URL encoded as “%40”. Not sure if it will work with Bubble though, I’ve never tried it, but you can give it a go

I also wouldn’t suggest encoding because it could interfere with Bubble reading your database.

You could use URL Parameters where your URL would look like https: //yourdomain.com/profile?username=lastweektonight. Then just extract the username parameter.

Excuse the deleted post, I’m still learning how to use this specific forum.