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Specifying thing's creator from API workflow

I’m trying to figure out privacy rules for my app. My workflow currently fetches prices every 5 minutes and creates a new thing with the total value of everything (holdings)

Whatever I tried so far didn’t work. I want each user to be able to only see their own data.

Any suggestions?

When you say it doesn’t work, do you mean that users can see data other than their own, or that users can’t see their own data?

can’t see their own data. the “creator” field always ends up null.

Could it be under the User’s data privacy instead of the holdings? That’s unfortunately my best shot.

If I’m not wrong your backend API must be triggered by a logged in user from the front end using the Schedule API workflow for the creator field to be filled.

Otherwise, the easiest way for you would be to create a second manually created “creator” field and populate it with the user you want!


Yeah… if nobody is triggering the workflow, the result’s creator will be always null…

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