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Speed tips&tricks


Just wanted to ask you guys, what is the average loading time when you navigate from page to page?
I have between 2-3 seconds. I just checked a bunch of websites and 99% of them having under 1 sec.
Is there a way to achieve better speed in bubble?


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I think the biggest factor are the repeating groups and their time to load. Can you show us your example?

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of course. - try navigating from the top right menu.
user: [email protected]
pass: 123
I have seen that all the websites made in bubble have this loading time when navigating from page to page.
What i also noticed was that, the loading time varies. For example right now, the loading time is around 2 seconds. Sometimes it goes to even 8. @emmanuel Could you maybe give us some advice related to this?

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From the upper right menu, it seems very responsive… I’m getting about 1-2 seconds of load time.

When I click on About us, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions - they all take a couple seconds to load individually because they’re repeating groups. You can just upload text which will decrease loading times for each pop up.